20 Maret 2018

SIPRI : Ekspor dan Transfer Alutsista Australia 2011-2017

20 Maret 2018


Naval Group Engages KBR for Australia’s Future Submarine Facility Design Services Subcontract

20 Maret 2018

KBR to design Australian submarine construction yard (image : Naval Group)

Naval Group has formally signed a Design Services Subcontract (DSSC) with local engineering company, KBR, to assist with the concept design of the proposed Future Submarine (SEA1000) construction yard at the Osborne Naval Shipbuilding precinct in South Australia.

The submarine construction yard concept design will include the facilities and infrastructure required to construct a fleet of twelve regionally superior Future Submarines for the Royal Australian Navy.

Through the DSSC, KBR will support Naval Group to deliver the concept design for the Future Submarine yard to the Commonwealth of Australia in July 2018.

“We will be utilising Naval Group’s extensive experience building and maintaining nuclear and conventional submarines for the French, Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian and Chilean navies to ensure that the facility is appropriately equipped to build Australia’s Future Submarine fleet” said Brent Clark, Interim CEO, Naval Group Australia.

A team of KBR and Naval Group Australia engineers will undertake design workshops within Australia and France in February 2018 to inform the concept design and facilitate knowledge transfer. The team will draw on Naval Group’s international experience as a reference point for Australia’s Future Submarine yard.

“KBR is excited to be providing our expertise to Naval Group for this nationally significant project that will deliver a world-class future submarine facility, a significant component of the infrastructure enabler of Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding Plan. Having designed the original Collins submarine facility in South Australia in the 1980’s and more recently the Air Warfare Destroyer shipyard, KBR brings extensive local defence infrastructure engineering and program management experience to this important project” said Greg Conlon, KBR President Asia Pacific.

“We anticipate this contract will employee around 100 South Australians and we look forward to working with Naval Group and the Australian Government to maximise opportunities for local industry,” added Conlon.

Naval Group are committed to the involvement of Australian industry in the Future Submarine Program, recognising that it is of vital importance to the construction and sustainment of the submarine fleet into the future, creating job opportunities across Australia.

(Naval Group)

SIPRI : Ekspor dan Transfer Alutsista Indonesia 2011-2017

20 Maret 2018

Pada laporan SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) mengenai transfer persenjataan yang terbit pada triwulan pertama tahun 2018 dapat juga dilihat tentang ekspor dan transfer alutsitsa. Disini hanya 3 negara saja yang akan ditampilkan yaitu Australia, Indonesia, dan Singapore karena jumlahnya yang cukup signifikan.

Dibawah ini adalah ekspor dan transfer alutsista dari Indonesia dalam kurun waktu 2011-2017.


19 Maret 2018

It's Final: PH Navy Chief Says Korean System to be Installed in Warships

19 Maret 2018

Hanwha Naval Shield ICMS had chosen for two new frigates of PN (photo : ivbng)

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine Navy decided to use a Korean combat management system (CMS), and not a more tested Dutch system, for warships which are expected to be delivered by 2020.

During his confirmation hearing, Vice Admiral Robert Empedrad said it is already a done deal because the contract has been signed and Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), the contactor, already signed deals with its subcontractors, including Korean CMS supplier Hanwha Systems.

"It's a done deal. [HHI] already signed the contract with all subcontractors, [for equipment] like missiles, torpedoes, and other important subsystems," Empedrad told the Commission on Appointments (CA) national defense committee on Wednesday, March 14.

The CMS, likened to a ship's brain, has been the subject of controversy following a Department of National Defense (DND) frigates deal. The Navy originally wanted Tacticos Thales to be installed but in the end, the DND chose Hanwha.

There was controversial fine print in the agreement stating that HHI has the final say on the subsystems to be installed in the warships. HHI also earlier told the government that it should pay more if it wants Tacticos.

Asked if there is no way for the Navy to reverse the decision, Empedrad said: "The Navy as end user has no control of the issue because it's the DND who signed the contract with the president of HHI.... The Navy will just advise the department on how to implement the project smoothly."

'No pressure, influence'

Empedrad, who initially pushed for Tacticos, eventually agreed to Hanwha.

He said his change of heart was due to the signed contract. He also denied being pressured or influenced, even as the office of Special Assistant to the President Bong Go called for a meeting, upon a complaint of a Korean, to discuss the contract on January 20, at a time when the contract was at an impasse over the CMS supplier.

Empedrad said he and other members of the Navy "just presented the advantages of Thales and Hanwha" to then Undersecretary Lloyd James Lao.

Now, he said Tacticos and Hanwha do not have significant differences, as both suppliers meet the Navy's technical requirements.

"As far as functionalities of CMS is concerned, there is nothing that Tacticos Thales can do that Hanwha can't do. So based on technical specification, the two CMS match the requirements of the Philippine Navy," he said.

"So if you're going to pay P700 million just to get Thales, I would rather buy a close-in weapon system to be placed on that ship that will protect the ship from incoming missiles," he added.

Empedrad also assured lawmakers that all subsystems of the warships would be of high quality and would be safe for the military.

"I assure you all subsystems put in place [are] the best requirements that we want for the Navy," he said.

HHI was banned in its own country because of a bribery conviction that sent officials to jail.

HHI was prohibited from participating in any public bidding for government projects in South Korea for a period of two years or until November 2019, according to news reports there.


Yonif Mekanis Raider 411 Kostrad Terima Tranposter Baru

19 Maret 2018

3 unit kendaraan tank transporter untuk Yonmek 411 (photos : Kostrad)

(Penkostrad) - Yonif Mekanis Raider 411 Kostrad merupakan salah satu satuan yang dibekali Tank Tempur dan beberapa kendaraan tempur lainnya. Kini satuan yang bermarkas di Kota  Salatiga ini telah diberikan suatu kepercayaan besar oleh komando atas dengan di datangkannya Alutsista baru berupa Tranposter Angkut Tank. Salatiga (14/03).

Alutsista yang baru ini tiba di asrama Yonif Mekanis Raider 411Kostrad pada pukul 23.30 WIB, berupa 3 unit kendaraan Angkut  Tranposter. Guna Pendistribusian Tank M113  ke daerah latihan maupun daerah penugasan.

Alutsista yang dikirim dari Diriktorat Peralatan Angkatan Darat (Dirpalad) tersebut diterima langsung oleh Komandan Yonif Mekanis Raider 411 Kostrad, Mayor Inf Widi Rahman S.H.

“Kita boleh berbangga hati karena kekuatan tempur satuan akan meningkat. Namun dengan datangnya Alutsista ini berarti tugas dan tanggung jawab kita juga semakin bertambah, seluruh prajurit dituntut lebih profesional”, terang Widi.

Lebih lanjut, ia mengatakan bahwa dalam waktu dekat Yonif Mekanis 411/PDW Kostrad masih akan ditambah lagi kendaraan tempur Tank M113.

Disamping itu, Danyonif juga berharap dengan adanya Alutsista yang semakin modern itu, diharapkan para prajurit dapat berbuat dengan kemampuan yang semaksimal mungkin, guna kepentingan pertahanan dan keamanan Bangsa.


Cambodia, China Launch Joint Drill on Anti-Terrorism, Humanitarian Rescue

19 Maret 2018

Dragon Gold 2018 exercise (photo : Reuters)

KAMPONG SPEU, Cambodia (Xinhua) -- Cambodia and China launched the second joint drill on counter-terrorism and humanitarian rescue at a training field in the Maras Prov Mountains here on Saturday.

Some 280 soldiers of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF) and 216 soldiers of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) are involved in the drill dubbed "Dragon Gold 2018," which will last till March 31.

RCAF commander-in-chief Gen. Pol Saroeun said the exercise is part of the activities the two countries have organized to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between the two countries.

"The exercise is vital to exchange experience and further strengthen bilateral cooperation on anti-terrorism and humanitarian work," he said in a speech during the opening ceremony.

Dragon Gold 2018 exercise (photo : Reuters)

He said Cambodia highly values the drill with China which will importantly contribute to increasing capacity for the RCAF.

It will increase China-Cambodia readiness and responsiveness to challenges in the fight against terrorism and in the humanitarian tasks, he said.

Zhang Jian, army commander of the Southern Theater Command of the Chinese PLA, said the exercise is designed to bolster cooperation and friendship between the two armies.

The drill plays a very important role in further developing the relations between the two armies, he said in his opening speech.

Dragon Gold 2018 exercise (photo : pakistantoday)

It will further enhance cooperation between the two countries on terrorism fighting and humanitarian rescue, and contribute to maintaining peace, stability and development in the two countries, the region, and the world, he added.

The participating troops will carry on training of professional subjects such as anti-terror equipment operating, live-fire practice, unarmed wrestle, simulated airborne landing, man hunting, searching and rescuing.

Cambodia and China conducted the first joint drill in December 2016, focusing on humanitarian rescue and disaster relief at the Army Institute in southwestern Kampong Speu province.


Koarmatim Gelar Latihan GLAGASPUR Tingkat III/L – 3

19 Maret 2018
Latihan GLAGASPUR Tingkat III/L – 3 (all photos : Koarmatim)

Komando Armada RI Kawasan Timur (Koarmabar) telah menggelar Latihan  Geladi Tugas Tempur (Glagaspur) Tingkat III/L-3 Terpadu Tahun 2018 di Perairan Pulau Jawa dengan tiga unsur Satuan Kapal Eskorta (Satkor) Koarmatim. Jumat (16/03/2018).

Latihan Glagaspur Tingkat III/L-3 Terpadu Tahun 2018 yang dilaksanakan oleh KRI I Gusti Ngurah Rai (GNR) – 332, KRI Sultan Iskandar Muda (SIM) – 367, KRI Frans Kaisiepo (FKO) – 368 dan 1 unit Helly jenis Bolcow ini dipimpin langsung oleh Komandan Satkor Koarmatim Kolonel Laut (P) Dato Rusman S.N., S.E.  yang onboard di atas KRI GNR – 332.

Latihan yang bertujuan untuk memelihara dan meningkatkan kemampuan profesionalisme prajurit unsur-unsir Koarmatim guna mendukung kesiapan pelaksanaan sesuai dengan fungsi asasi masing-masing. Dengan begitu, para prajurit  dapat melaksanakan tugas utamanya, serta dapat meningkatkan kerjasama taktis antar unsur-unsur Koarmatim dalam melaksanakan aksi tempur laut.

Pada pelaksanaan latihan Glagaspur Tingkat III/L-3 Terpadu Tahun 2018 yang digelar dari tanggal 13 sampai dengan tanggal 15 Maret 2018 ini, seluruh unsur KRI yang terlibat melaksanakan berbagai latihan antara lain Mine Field Transit Exercise (MFTX), Tactical Manoeuvring (Mail Bag Transfer), Publications Exercise (NSIC), Preparations of bunnery Exercise (Prep-gunnex), gunnery Exercise (Gunnex), latihan pertempuran anti kapal selam, Flashing Exercise (Flashex), Tacman Non Maneuver (OOW EX), Damage Control & Fire Fighting Exercise (DC/FF EX), Helly Cross Deck Exercise, serta Entering Harbour Exercise.