05 Maret 2015

RAAF Aircrew Complete Basic Training in Growler

05 Maret 2015

RAAF F/A-18G (image : Aus DoD)

WHIDBEY ISLAND, Wash. (NNS) -- Five Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) aircrew personnel graduated from basic training at Electronic Attack Squadron (VAQ) 129, the U.S. Navy's EA-18G Growler Fleet Replacement Squadron, during a ceremony Feb. 27 at Naval Air Station (NAS) Whidbey Island. 

The graduation marked a milestone in the RAAF-U.S. Navy partnership in airborne electronic attack as it was the first time RAAF aircrew completed basic training in the EA-18G. 

The five RAAF aircrew will be assigned to U.S. Navy expeditionary units for approximately two years, deploying and operating the EA-18G under the Personnel Exchange Program. 

One of the five graduates already deployed and is operating in the U.S. Pacific Fleet area of responsibility. 

The Electronic Attack Wing, U.S. Pacific Fleet, located at NAS Whidbey Island, provides direct training support to VAQ-129. 

"The graduation of the first crews marks a key milestone for our partnership," said Capt. Darryl Walker, commander, Electronic Attack Wing, U.S. Pacific Fleet. "The RAAF aircrew are truly outstanding in the air and have proven to be highly-capable officers. The RAAF personnel addition to our expeditionary force is a win-win for both countries."

RAAF Director, General Capability Planning, Air Commodore Mike Kitcher attended the graduation, travelling to NAS Whidbey Island to personally extend his appreciation and preside over the inaugural event. Kitcher also presented a RAAF Achievement Award to a graduating aircrew. 

As part of the U.S. government's Foreign Military Sales program, the Australian government is purchasing 12 of the Boeing-made EA-18Gs. Australia is the first foreign customer of the Growler, with delivery expected in 2017. Training and integrating RAAF aircrew into U.S. Navy forces prior to acceptance is a critical component to ensuring that the RAAF have a lethal force.

"Training with CVWP (Electronic Attack Wing, U.S. Pacific Fleet) is essential to our ability to establish a credible AEA (airborne electronic attack) capability," said RAAF Wing Commander Paul Jarvis, acting director, EA-18G Growler Transition. "We've started early as there is an awful lot to learn between now and when we begin flying our own EA-18Gs in 2017. The support that we have had from the U.S. Navy, particularly from Capt. Walker and his team here at NAS Whidbey Island, has been truly magnificent."

As the RAAF transitions to the EA-18G, they are joining the ranks of its American allies in flying the world's most advanced electronic attack aircraft. 

"Growler is a game changer for the Royal Australian Air Force and the whole Australian Defence Force, and we couldn't be more pleased with the reception and support of the entire Whidbey Island and the broader U.S. Navy team," said Kitcher.

"We are celebrating the RAAF achievements and the program's successes, but are excited to build on our partnership with the RAAF going forward," said Walker, regarding the RAAF's fleet integration following the graduation. "This is an exciting time as the community is growing in all directions, including 'down under.'" 

(US Navy)

Vietnam Ups Interest in Unmanned Orbiter 3

05 Maret 2015

Orbiter 3 UAV (photo : Aeronautics Defense System)

Vietnam wants to acquire additional Orbiter 2 unmanned air systems from Aeronautics Defense Systems, and also to buy its larger Orbiter 3, according to Dany Eshchar, the company's deputy chief executive.

The Israeli company late last year received an order to provide Orbiter 2s to Vietnam's army, with the air vehicles to be used as an aerial forward observation asset by its artillery corps.

Advantages of operating the larger Orbiter 3 (below) include the type's increased maximum payload capacity of 5.5kg (12.1lb), an 18,000ft service ceiling and an endurance of 7h while being flown at 30-70kt (55-130km/h).


04 Maret 2015

Philippines to Get First Two FA-50s Early

04 Februari 2015

KAI will deliver two FA-50s to the PAF ahead of schedule, a Philippine official said on 3 March. (iamge : kyuzoaoi)

Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) will deliver two FA-50 light-attack aircraft to the Philippine Air Force (PAF) ahead of schedule in December, Philippine Undersecretary of Defense Fernando Manalo said on 3 March.

"We are looking at the early delivery of two FA-50s," said Manalo, head of the Philippine Department of National Defense's (DND) modernisation and procurement division. "They will be combat and mission ready upon their arrival this December."

Manila signed a PHP18.9 billion contract to buy 12 FA-50s on 28 March 2014, under which KAI was to deliver all the aircraft by mid-2017.

Philippine President Aquino inspected an FA-50 at Gimhae Air Base in South Korea in December 2014, and at the time told reporters he expected the 12 aircraft to just be the start of increased defence co-operation between the two countries.

"We have been assured by KAI that by 2017 our procurement will be complete. Down the road, likely more will be needed, but I will leave that up to my successors," he said. Aquino's term ends on 30 June 2016.


OPS MARLIN 3/15 Kesinambungan Kejayaan Ulung Penembakan Torpedo Black Shark

04 Maret 2015
Kerja-kerja pemunggahan masuk torpedo sedang dijalankan oleh tim teknikal dan logistik MAKS TLDM serta Depot Peluru & Letupan Teluk Sepangar (all photos : TLDM)

KOTA KINABALU – Aset strategik negara kapal selam KD TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN (KD TAR) telah berjaya melancarkan Torpedo Black Shark Konfigurasi Latihan (BS EX) di Perairan Laut China Selatan (LCS). Penembakan bagi menguji kesiagaan dan keupayaan sistem kombat dan persenjataan serta kemahiran warga kapal selam.  Penembakan kali ini menggunakan sebuah kapal permukaan sebagai sasaran atau dummy target.

Torpedo Black Shark Exercie (BS EX) buatan Whitehead Alenia Sistemi Subacquei (WASS) dari Itali

Aktiviti pelancaran torpedo BS EX ini merupakan kesinambungan kepada kejayaan penembakan Torpedo Black Shark Konfigurasi Perang yang telah dilaksanakan pada 31 Oktober 2014 yang lepas.

Kapal Submarine Escape & Rescue – Intervention (SMER-I) TLDM, MEGA BAKTI terlibat sebagai sasaran permukaan dan juga torpedo recovery vessel

Sebagai rekod, penembakan tersebut merupakan penembakan yang julung kalinya bagi torpedo Black Shark semenjak diperkenalkan oleh syarikat pengeluar Torpedo Whitehead Alenia Sistemi Subacquei (WASS) dari Itali.

KD TAR dalam pelayaran menuju ke posisi penembakan

Siri latihan pada kali ini memperlihatkan keupayaan dan kebolehan sebenar krew KD TAR mengendalikan Submarine Tactical Integrated Combat System (SUBTICS) dalam melaksanakan penembakan torpedo BS EX. Evolusi ini juga membolehkan analisis tertentu dilaksanakan bagi mempertingkatkan keupayaan serta taktik-taktik pepeperangan bawah permukaan laut.

KD TAR dalam pelayaran menuju ke posisi penembakan

Latihan pelancaran torpedo BS EX ini turut melibatkan aset-aset lain TLDM dan juga Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia (TUDM) sebagai aset bantuan untuk keselamatan kawasan, rakaman dan analisis. Peluang latihan operasi di laut juga dioptimumkan oleh semua aset TLDM yang terlibat iaitu KD PERAK, MEGA BAKTI, bot tempur CB 90 dan Tim Penyelam TLDM manakala TUDM telah menugaskan pesawat EC 725 sebagai tim rakaman dan spotter.

KD TAR sedang menyelam ke kedalaman periskop untuk melaksanakan pelancaran torpedo BS EX

Latihan yang dinamakan Ops MARLIN 3/15 ini dikelolakan oleh Panglima Angkatan Kapal Selam, YBhg Laksamana Muda Abdul Rahman bin Hj Ayob selaku Pengarah Eksesais.

KD TAR sedang menyelam ke kedalaman periskop untuk melaksanakan pelancaran torpedo BS EX

Kejayaan latihan penembakan torpedo BS EX ini turut mengesahkan keupayaan sebenar kapal selam negara, malah secara langsung telah membuktikan kesiapsiagaannya yang tinggi dalam menghadapi peperangan tiga dimensi iaitu peperangan bawah permukaan, aras permukaan dan anti-udara.

Kapal MEGA BAKTI melaksanakan torpedo recovery di posisi smoke marker

Selain itu juga, kejayaan ini diharapkan dapat menangkis tohmahan dan persepsi negatif terhadap keupayaan kapal selam negara serta meningkatkan keyakinan rakyat terhadap Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM) khasnya TLDM dalam mempertahankan kedaulatan maritim negara.


First of 3 Brand-New C-295 Medium Lift Aircraft to Arrive this March

04 Maret 2015

PAF C-295M (photo : Muniz Zaragueta)

MANILA (PNA) -- The cargo and transportation capability of the Philippine Air Force (PAF) will be getting a much needed boost with the arrival of the first C-295 medium lift aircraft from Spanish manufacturer EADS/CASA-Airbus Military this March.

This was confirmed by Department of National Defense (DND) undersecretary for finance, modernization and materiel Fernando Manalo in an interview with the PNA.

"Our first C-295 will be arriving this March," he said.

The March delivery date of the first C-295 is five months earlier than its scheduled August arrival, Manalo said.

He did not give the specific date for security reasons.

With the early arrival of the first aircraft, the DND undersecretary expects the two other aircraft to follow in short order.

EADS/CASA-Airbus Military won the DND's medium lift aircraft program by tendering a bid for Php5.29-billion for three aircraft last year.

This is considerably lower than the Php5.3-billion stipulated in the contract.

The PAF's medium lift capability is presently being fulfilled by its three F-27 "Friendship" aircraft.

"These aircraft will help in troop and limited equipment movement," DND secretary Voltaire Gazmin earlier said.

The C-295 is described as "a capable and versatile transport and surveillance aircraft.”

EADS/CASA stated that the C-295 can carry up to nine tons of cargo or 71 people.

It also has a maximum cruising speed of 260 knots and operate in short and rough airfields. 


Pesawat Tanpa Awak untuk Survei Kemaritiman

04 Maret 2015

Pesawat tanpa awak untuk keperluan (image : Kompas) 

JAKARTA, KOMPAS - Lembaga Penerbangan dan Antariksa Nasional atau Lapan tengah menyiapkan empat seri pesawat tanpa awak untuk menjalankan misi sistem surveilans kemaritiman, pemantauan, dan pemetaan perbatasan. Pengembangan dilakukan pada sistem komunikasi, pengendali, dan muatannya.

Menurut Kepala Pusat Teknologi Penerbangan Lapan Gunawan S Prabowo, Minggu (1/3/2015), di Jakarta, mulai 2015 hingga tiga tahun ke depan, empat pesawat tanpa awak (drone) yakni Lapan Surveillance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle atau LSU-02 hingga LSU-05 akan diintegrasikan pada sistem survei kemaritiman.

Uji coba LSU-2 di geladak KRI Frans Kaisiepo 368 (photos : Lapan)

Program rancang bangun LSU dirintis di Lapan pada 2011, di Pusat Teknologi Penerbangan. Kini LSU-01 hingga LSU-03 dioperasikan. LSU-01 untuk survei kebencanaan. Adapun LSU-02 yang memecahkan rekor Museum Rekor-Dunia Indonesia (Muri) untuk terbang pergi pulang sejauh 200 kilometer dipakai untuk pemotretan udara dan pemetaan.

Pesawat itu diprogram otomatis untuk terbang mandiri menuju Nusawiru berjarak tempuh 100 kilometer dan kembali ke landasan dua jam kemudian. Pesawat LSU 02 memiliki bentangan sayap 2,5 m dan panjang badan 2 meter. Pesawat UAV Lapan itu sudah dioperasikan untuk memotret kawah Gunung Merapi dan memantau banjir di DKI Jakarta pada Januari 2013. Teknologi itu juga bisa mendukung program ketahanan pangan dengan pemantauan sawah untuk estimasi produksi padi.

Wahana itu akan digunakan Direktorat Topografi TNI AD dan Badan Informasi Geospasial untuk pemantau dan pemetaan daerah perbatasan. Wahana dirancang untuk tinggal landas dan mendarat di kapal dan pernah diikutkan latihan gabungan TNI.

Pesawat nirawak LSU-03 dengan jangkauan 350 km bisa menjalankan misi surveilans dan perekaman video seketika (realtime). "Tipe LSU itu mampu mengangkat muatan hingga 10 kilogram atau dua kali LSU-02," kata Kepala Bidang Aerodinamika Lapan Agus Aribowo.

Wahana LSU-05 yang berbobot total 120 kg telah diuji terbang akhir 2014. Pesawat tanpa awak generasi terbaru itu mencapai 6 meter atau dua kali lebih panjang daripada LSU-02. Badan pesawat itu terbuat dari paduan bahan komposit lebih ringan. "Dengan berat ringan, muatannya lebih banyak," kata Agus.

LSU-05, pesawat tanpa awak buatan Lapan (photo : Lapan)

Wahana itu akan dipasang sistem radar yang bisa memetakan daerah berawan. Tujuan lain adalah untuk survei geologi dan medan magnet bumi.


03 Maret 2015

First Group of RTA Pilots and Technicians Completed UH-72A Lakota Conversion Course

03 Maret 2015

6 pilots and 10 technicians from RTA ready to operate UH-72A Lakota (photo : HeliOpsMag)

Six pilots and 10 maintenance technicians from the Royal Thai Army have successfully completed training to fly and maintain the UH-72A Lakota, the initial group of Thai pilots and aircraft maintenance technicians that will be trained to operate Lakotas for Thailand.

The Thai pilots and technicians were honored Friday in a graduation ceremony at Airbus Helicopters Inc. in Grand Prairie, where they underwent several weeks of comprehensive classroom and simulator instruction as well as flight training in the UH-72A. A second group  of Thai pilots is now on site undergoing flight training in the Lakota. 

“Our team is honored to have the opportunity to train the Royal Thai Army pilots and technicians to operate the Lakota and perform important missions for their country,” said Marc Paganini, President and CEO of Airbus Helicopters Inc. 

Airbus Helicopters has produced six UH-72As for the Royal Thai Army. Those helicopters have been delivered to the U.S. Army, which will later this year transfer the Lakotas to Thailand. The six Lakotas were ordered from Airbus Group by Thailand through the U.S. Army in April 2014, the first foreign military sale of the UH-72A. The U.S. government has offered Thailand the opportunity to purchase an additional nine Lakotas.