01 Oktober 2016

Boeing Rolls Out First RAAF P-8A Poseidon

01 Oktober 2016

The RAAF’s first P-8A Poseidon (photo : Boeing)

The first of twelve Australian P-8A Poseidon aircraft has been unveiled by Boeing at a roll-out ceremony in Seattle, Washington State, USA on September 27.

Chief of Air Force, Air Marshal Leo Davies, attended the ceremony and accepted into service the Royal Australian Air Force’s newest aircraft.

“It is a privilege to accept the first Australian P-8A Poseidon aircraft, said CAF AIRMSHL Davies.

“The P-8A is the latest in a pedigree of Boeing aircraft that have provided important and significant operational capability to Australia. This history includes the C-17A Globemaster, E-7A Wedgetail, F/A-18 Classic Hornet, F/A-18F Super Hornet, Helicopter Aircrew Training System and in the near future E/A-18G Growler.” CAF said.

Built from the ground up as a military aircraft, the P-8A is based on the proven commercial designs of Boeing’s 737-800 fuselage, but is substantially structurally modified to include a weapons bay, under wing and under fuselage hard points for weapons, as well as increased strengthening to allow for continued low level operations and high angle of bank turns.

Director Maritime Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Response Transition Office, GPCAPT Roger McCutcheon, said the P-8A was a fundamental element of Australia’s future maritime patrol and response strategy in replacing the current AP-3C Orion fleet - due for withdrawal in 2018-19. 

“Over the next three years the P-8A will replace our current fleet of AP-3C Orion aircraft currently based at RAAF Base Edinburgh, said GPCAPT McCutcheon.

The first aircraft will arrive in Australia on 15 November 2016, with the remaining 11 aircraft to be delivered by March 2020.”

Air Force aircrew and maintenance personnel have been busy training for the arrival of the P-8A since early 2015 - working side by side with the US Navy at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida. The first P-8A Australian pilot flew a four-hour sortie around the Air Station on 14 April 2015.

CAF AIRMSHL Davies said that close cooperation with the US Navy to develop mission, system and training requirements for the P-8A was crucial and has helped strengthen an already close relationship.

“Speaking to my team today, it is obvious they have been the recipients of some of the best training in the world from the US Navy,” said CAF AIRMSHL Davies.

“The bilateral cooperative program for the P-8A between Australia and the United States has been very successful. It is now the model to which our other Air Force projects must aspire.”

“The passion, pride and dedication of the all the Boeing team is evident in every aircraft produced,said CAF AIRMSHL Davies.

“I have no doubt that the aircraft Boeing has proudly built here today, along with the collaborative input from both Australia and the United States, will serve our nation with consummate success. I congratulate Boeing on this significant occasionand I thank you for all for your work.”

For Boeing Mechanic Paul Lingenfelter - a Washington State native whose work on Sonobouy structure rake installations directly resulted in zero manufacturing defects and improved time management for the P-8 program - CAF AIRMSHL Davieshad a more personal message.

“Paul you are a great asset to the P-8A program and I thank you for your work, but sorry mate - your aircraft is coming with me.”


Philippine Marines to Receive 8 KAAV in 2018

01 Oktober 2016

Hanwha Techwin KAAV (photos : maxdefense)

New kit for Philippine marines

The Philippine Marine Corps (PMC) will benefit from new amphibious vehicles and unmanned aircraft systems being introduced over the next two years. 

In March the Philippines ordered eight Korea Amphibious Assault Vehicles (KAAV) from Hanwha Techwin for PHP2.423 billion ($52.6 million). An integrated logistics support package was included in the contract sum.

The KAAV is a licence-built version of the BAE Systems AAV7A1. HoJun Shin, manager of the overseas sales team of Hanwha Techwin’s defence business unit, confirmed that his company is ready for serial production. 

A significant number of indigenously built AAVs are in service with the Republic of Korea Marine Corps, but the company has to restart the production line to fulfil this first export order.

All eight are AAVP7A1 personnel-carrying variants fitted with a one-man turret mounting a K4 40mm automatic grenade launcher and K6 12.7mm machine gun.

A Philippine Navy spokesperson confirmed that four AAVs will be delivered in August 2018 and the remaining quartet in December the same year.

Under Horizon 2 of its modernisation plan, the PMC will be seeking additional AAVs as well.

Super Swiper SUAS (photo : hellotrade)

Small unmanned aircraft system

A second piece of new equipment destined for the PMC is a UAV being obtained under the Marine Fleet Imagery Targeting Support System programme.

This solution is being supplied by Triton Communications Corporation, a Philippine company. Citing a confidentiality agreement, Triton declined to name the UAV platform, though it could confirm it comes from overseas.

Shephard understands the Super Swiper UAV from Emmen Aerospace is the platform selected by the Philippines. The hand-launched Super Swiper has a maximum two-hour endurance and 16km range.

The MITSS is due to be delivered to the marines by June 2017. 


Melihat Wajah Baru Helikopter Kepresidenan

01 Oktober 2016

Helikopter kepresidenan (all photos : Detik)

Jakarta - Presiden Joko Widodo menolak rencana pembelian helikopter AgustaWestland AW101 oleh TNI AU yang sempat ramai jadi pro kontra. Jokowi tetap memilih helikopter yang sudah ada yaitu Super Puma L-2 AS-332.

Namun ada yang menarik dari helikopter kepresidenan itu. Dalam kunjungan ke Kabupaten Garut, Kamis (29/9) kemarin, helikopter skadron 45 itu memiliki wajah baru. Bagaimana wujudnya?

Heli Kepresidenan itu dicat baru mirip dengan warna cat pesawat kepresidenan Boeing Business Jet (BBJ), yaitu dominasi warna biru pada bagian atas, dan merah putih pada bagian bawah.

Helikopter dengan nomor ekor H-3204 dan bendera merah putih itu sebelumnya berwarna putih dan abu-abu. Heli itu dioperasikan oleh Skadron Udara 45 yang merupakan Skadron angkut khusus VIP/VVIP yang berada di bawah Wing Udara 1, Lanud Halim Perdanakusuma, Jakarta.

Skadron udara ini khusus digunakan Presiden maupun Wakil Presiden untuk kunjungan kerja ke daerah, yang secara keseluruhan pemeliharaannya berada di bawah Kementerian Sekretariat dan pengoperasian pesawat di bawah koordinasi Sekretariat Militer Presiden.

"Betul, itu heli Kepresidenan Jenis Super Puma L-2 (AS 332) dicat dengan warna sama dengan BBJ," ucap Sekretaris Militer Presiden Jokowi, Marsekal Muda TNI Hadi Tjahjanto saat dikonfirmasi detikcom, Jumat (30/9/2016).

Menurut Hadi, helikopter Kepresidenan itu dicat ulang pada bulan Juli 2016 di PT. Dirgantara Indonesia (DI), Bandung. Sebelum digunakan ke Garut, heli dengan wajah baru itu pernah dua kali digunakan oleh Presiden Jokowi ke daerah.

"Sudah kita gunakan untuk mendukung Presiden terbang dari Situbondo-Juanda dalam rangka meninjau Latihan Armada Jaya, dari Madiun ke Pondok Gontor, dan dari Bogor menuju Garut kembali landing di Lapangan Monas," kata mantan Kadispen TNI AU itu.


Israel in Talks to Supply Philippine Navy, Coast Guard with Super Dvora Patrol Craft

01 Oktober 2016

A model of IAI's Super Dvora fast patrol craft on display at ADAS 2016. Platform may be deployed in the country's southern regions given spate of kidnap-for-ransom operations (photo : Jane's)

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has confirmed that it is currently in discussions with the Philippine government to provide a number of Super Dvora Mk III-type fast attack craft (FAC) for the country's navy and coastguard services.

Speaking to IHS Jane's at the ADAS 2016 exhibition in Manila, an official from IAI's international marketing division emphasised that the talks are still at the preliminary stages, and the Philippine government has yet to decide on the number of platforms to be procured.

The Philippine Navy (PN) has a requirement for fast attack craft under a phase known as 'Horizon 2' in the service's capability upgrades programme. The requirement seeks to equip the PN with fast littoral interdiction capabilities.

"The number of vessels that are required has yet to be decided," said the IAI official, who added that the acquisition may also be jointly executed with the Philippine Coast Guard as part of the service's requirements for similar platforms.

"Either way the [Super Dvora Mk IIIi] is a very configurable and can be customised according to the customer's requirements whoever they may be."

According to specifications provided by IAI, the Super Dvora Mk IIIi has top speeds in excess of 40 kt, and a standard range of 300 n miles at 30 kt. The 20 m platform can operate up to Sea State 3, with survivability at up to Sea State 5. Customers can also opt between articulating surface drive (ASD) or waterjet for the vessel's propulsion systems.

Weapons that can be included on the platform include 23 mm, 25 mm, or 30 mm stabilised naval gun systems at the primary position, and a manned cannon of up to 20 mm at the stern position.


Lockheed Wins Bid for Australian Submarine Combat System

01 Oktober 2016

The Shortfin Barracuda (photos : DCNS)

Lockheed Martin Corp., the biggest U.S. defense contractor, has won a bid to design and build the combat system for Australia’s planned A$50 billion ($38.4 billion) new submarine fleet, beating Raytheon Co.

“By partnering with an Australian-based company with strong links to the United States, we will ensure that we get the best Australian and U.S. technology while ensuring that our sensitive technology is protected," Defence Minister Marise Payne said in a statement released Friday. The value of the contract wasn’t disclosed.

Australia, an ally of the U.S., in April selected France’s DCNS Group to lead the building of 12 diesel-electric powered submarines. DCNS beat bids from Japan and Germany. The fleet, which will replace Australia’s aging Collins Class vessels, is likely to enter service in the early 2030s.

During the tender process, Australia emphasized its preference for the submarines to be built domestically as Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s government seeks to prop up manufacturing and employment in the South Australian state capital Adelaide, where the new fleet will be constructed.

“Australian industry will be directly involved in the highly technical work of designing and integrating the combat system for the future submarine, further developing our own capability in this specialized area," Minister for Defence Industry Christopher Pyne said in the statement.

Lockheed’s involvement will create about 200 of the 2,800 jobs associated with the submarine program, Payne said. The government and DCNS have formally signed a contract to commence the design phase of the program, she said in a separate statement.


Philippine Air Force Outlines Procurement Priorities

01 Oktober 2016

Philippine Air Force (PAF) wants to buy an additional 36 KAI FA-50s (photo : adroth)

Speaking at the Asian Defence and Security 2016 (ADAS 2016) exhibition in Manila, a senior PAF officer involved in the planning of Flight Plan 2028 said these priorities include securing orders of additional light combat aircraft and attack helicopters.

The PAF ordered 12 FA-50 light combat aircraft in March 2014, with deliveries starting in December 2015 and scheduled to conclude in late 2017. The officer said the PAF is aiming to procure an additional 36 FA-50s in order to meet a requirement specified in Flight Plan 2028 to "detect, intercept, and neutralise" any perceived threat in its exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

He also confirmed that the PAF would look to secure government approval for the additional FA-50s following the delivery of the initial 12 aircraft.

Philippine Air Force (PAF) wants to buy 12 more Leonardo AW109 helicopters (photo : Manila Times)

In addition, the official said the PAF is seeking to procure 12 more AW109 Power light attack helicopters produced by Finmeccanica (Leonardo from January 2017). The PAF has already acquired eight AW109s ordered in November 2013 and delivered from 2014.

The official confirmed that the requirement for additional AW109s had become more urgent for the PAF since president Rodrigo Duterte took office in June 2016.

He said Duterte has tasked the PAF with focusing on addressing anti-terrorism and anti-insurgency, and as a result the Philippine administration has moved the new AW109 acquisition into the so-called 'second horizon' procurement plan, which runs from 2018-23. The requirement was previously scheduled for the third horizon, he confirmed.

According to the official, other near-term procurement priorities include close air-support (CAS) aircraft and additional transport aircraft, while a longer-term requirement is multirole combat aircraft.


Yonif 521 Kediri Menjadi Batalyon Mekanis

01 Oktober 2016

Yonif 521 menjadi Yonif Mek Kodam V Brawijaya (photo : zonasatu)

Yonif Mekanis 521 Dadaha Yodha Kediri Bakal Dipersenjatai Panser Anoa

SURYAMALANG.COM, KEDIRI - Pasukan Batalyon Infantri (Yonif) Mekanis 521 Dadaha Yodha yang bermarkas di Jl Ahmad Yani, Kota Kediri bakal dipersenjatai dengan kendaraan tempur panser Anoa buatan PT Pindad.

Persenjataan panser ini seiring dengan perubahan dari Batalyon Infantri menjadi Batalyon Infantri Mekanis. Yonif 521 Dadaha Yodha kini telah menjadi Yonif Mekanis Kodam V Brawijaya.

Komandan Batalyon Infantri (Danyonif) Mekanis 521 Dadaha Yodha, Mayor Inf Made Sandy Agusto menjelaskan, dengan perubahan menjadi Batalyon Infantri Mekanis ada perubahan struktur organisasi dan material perlengkapan.

Saat ini garasi untuk tempat penyimpanan kendaraan tempur Anoa selesai dibangun. Lokasi garasi ini berada di utara lapangan.

"Secara bertahap nanti segera tiba kendaraan tempurnya. Sekarang tengah disiapkan personel yang menjadi pengemudinya," jelas Mayor Inf Made Sandy Agusto, Jumat (30/9/2016).

Tahap pertama bakal tiba 6 unit kendaraan tempur Anoa. "Kami harus menyiapkan terlebih dahulu kesiapan pangkalannya. Karena kendaraan perlu rute untuk latihan dan pemanasan kendaraan tempur," jelasnya.

Untuk pengemudi kendaraan tempur ini akan dilakukan pelatihan khusus bekerja sama dengan batalyon mekanis yang lain.

"Dengan berubah menjadi batalyon mekanis nanti manuver pasukan bakal lebih maksimal. Penetrasi ke sasaran dan pengamanan maksimal. Termasuk pengamanan VIP," jelasnya.

Mayor Inf Made Sandy Agusto yang menggantikan pejabat lama Letkol Inf Slamet Winarto, bertekat akan menyiapkan personel Yonif Mekanis 521 menjadi prajurit yang berdisiplin dan menjadi kebanggaan masyarakat.

(Surya Malang)